Practical details for the 2020 run will be published soon.

  • Date: Sunday the 9th of February
  • Time: registration @ 12.00, start @ 13.00, end @ 15.00
  • Location: Complex Maastricht, Maastricht. Track can be find here.
  • Register: via this terminal
  • Distance: 3km, possibility to run 1, 2, 3 or 4 rounds

History & organization

The Zweit veur Leid foundation has been organizing a sponsor run for a local charity since 1994. The immediate reason for this was the flooding of the Meuse in the winter of 1993-1994, causing large parts of Borgharen and Itteren to be flooded. To soften the ‘pain’ the initiative was taken for a sponsor run. It became a tradition that so far has raised more than € 1,050,000 for local charities.

Every year, Maastricht is dominated by Zweit Veur Leid in early January. More than 1,000 inhabitans of Maastricht make good intentions and start moving  to help other people. Together they walk or run 1, 2 or 3 laps of about 4 km on a unique route through Maastricht. We are doing this together with 2 ‘network partners’. Every year we are sweating together, for new social success where two charity projects are served with attention and financial resources. These funds are raised by sponsors and individual runners who each contribute 15 euros. The Zweit veur Leid foundation and the 2 network partners each provide as many sponsors and runners as possible. The costs of the organization are borne by the foundation. Through its own sponsor recruitment and participation of runners, the foundation has a balance that is evenly distributed among the 2 network partners.

Together with their own sponsor fees, the network partners pay the total amount to the chosen charities. No fees are paid to board members of the foundation or employees of the network partners. The event can, fortunately, count on many volunteers. Every year the total revenue is paid out in full. The foundation has a small reserve to cover any unforeseen circumstances.

The most important goal is to realize an annual wonderful sports event with many participants, a great atmosphere and as much attention and money as possible for the local charities.

Charities of 2019

Kamers met Kansen Chambers with Opportunities

‘Chambers with Opportunities’ (Kamers met Kansen) offers young people with problems at home, at school and / or at work a (new) chance. In a positive environment and with individual coaching, these young people are thought how to build their future and start an (new) life with lots of chances.

The amount raised by Zweit veur Leid will be spent on the realization of 2 extra studios where these youngsters can live. In addition, the living room, which is the central meeting place, and the existing rooms are being refurbished. Finally, there is an urgent need for a new kitchen with (new) equipment, that can also be realized, depending on the amount raised.

Community Hartelstein

The living and working community Hartelstein is a foundation where homeless people are taking cared for. The Foundation is committed to people who are homeless (with all associated psychosocial problems), but who have the courage and ambition to do everything they can to return to society. The residents get their own furnished room with shared sanitary facilities. The meals are prepared by the residents themselves in the central kitchen where they eat together.

With the profits from Zweit veur Leid, the Foundation has the opportunity to refurbish the rooms, that have been in the same austere state for 25 years. Besides, the can buy new (second-hand) kitchen appliances for the professionalization of the catering facility and the meeting room.